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Offer services in Maritime Agency with efficiency and effectiveness, in accordance with legislation and responsibility with the environment.


To become a reference in quality of Maritime Agency in all the Brazilian Ports


Focus on the client and the specific needs of each operation

Our Services

Shipping Agency

Attendance at the Head Office, and with our own team at the main ports of Brazil – SANTOS, PORTS OF RIO DE JANEIRO, SÃO SEBASTIÃO, PARANAGUÁ, MANAUS, SÃO FRANCISCO DO SUL E ITAJAÍ and at the others ports of the country, we act with a network of subagents carefully chosen to attend you.

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Port State Control

Our team is capacitated to report and help the ship to solve any emergency imposed by Port Authority that may restrain (or not) the ship to arrive at the port.

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Crew Change

All support since the arrival at the main airports of Brazil, until the departure of ship. Teams to welcome at the airport, specialized transportation, hotels (if necessary) and personalized attendance for the crew. We have a specific department to treat all crew replacement.

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Cash To Master

We guarantee delivery of requested value with security, punctuality and description.

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Protection of Ships

All attention to the owners interests and close contact with the crew and Master, for prompt response to the ship's necessities.

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We work with the best specialists in container inspections, cargo inspections, dunnage and certifications of all kinds and necessities. We also offer qualified labor at port operations, equipments and materials in order to facilitate the activities

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