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Offer services in Maritime Agency with efficiency and effectiveness, in accordance with the legislation and responsibility with the environment.


To become a reputable reference of quality within the Maritime Agency in all the surrounding Brazilian ports


Objective - focus on the client and the specific needs of each operation

Our Services

Shipping Agency

Assertiveness - seek maximum efficiency and quality, minimizing rework, being assertive in the first instance

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Port State Control

Pro-activity - we act in a preventive and predictive way, anticipating the needs and operational requirements, guaranteeing greater speed and quality of our services

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Crew Change

Ethics - we work with integrated and responsible conduct, maintaining the transparency of relationships with clients, suppliers, port authorities and society

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Cash To Master

Sustainability - we cherish the welfare of society and operate responsibly with the environment

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Protection of Ships

All attention to the owners interests and close contact with the crew and Master, for prompt response to the ship's necessities.

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We work with the best specialists in container inspections, cargo inspections, dunnage and certifications of all kinds and necessities. We also offer qualified labor at port operations, equipments and materials in order to facilitate the activities

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