The Brazilian Port Agency was launched in 2008 and is driven by a group of effective professionals with extensive experience in supporting maritime transport, cargo operations and solutions. All with the goal of being a reputable and modern Maritime agency that is consistently prepared to adapt and evolve in this volatile and oscillating market.

We are an innovative company always looking to promote along with our clients, a personalized service, understanding their needs and constantly supporting them with the best solutions. Our professional and skilled teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the most sophisticated technology in communication devices and all English speakers.

Beyond the activities of the shipping agency, this company offers other services including crew change, Owners protection, Cash to master and any other service related to the port activity.

Acting with head offices around the principal ports of Brazil:

·SÃO PAULO – Santos and São Sebastião

· RIO DE JANEIRO – Porto de Açu, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí (Sepetiba), Arraial do Cabo (Forno), Niterói and Angra dos Reis.

· PARANÁ – Paranaguá, Antonina and Ponta do Félix

· AMAZONAS - Manaus and Itacoatiara

· SANTA CATARINA – Itajaí and São Francisco do Sul

BPA has created a very strong network of subagents within other Brazilian ports as well which have been carefully selected and monitored by us over the current years.

Our goal is to provide to our clients the best quality services available, based on the vast experience of our directors and employees, amongst the most competitive market prices. Our efforts are to prioritize and focus on our clients, providing them with fast and immediate information and protecting them from anything that the international trade and maritime activity may entail.


Offer services in Maritime Agency with efficiency and effectiveness, in accordance with the legislation and responsibility with the environment.


To become a reputable reference of quality within the Maritime Agency in all the surrounding Brazilian ports


• Objective - focus on the client and the specific needs of each operation

• Assertiveness - seek maximum efficiency and quality, minimizing rework, being assertive in the first instance

• Pro-activity - we act in a preventive and predictive way, anticipating the needs and operational requirements, guaranteeing greater speed and quality of our services

• Ethics - we work with integrated and responsible conduct, maintaining the transparency of relationships with clients, suppliers, port authorities and society

• Sustainability - we cherish the welfare of society and operate responsibly with the environment